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House Maintenance Services

We are aware that these little things can be both time and energy-consuming. Abu Zaid Contracting & Services offers professional home maintenance services in Qatar to take these responsibilities off your shoulders. We are accessible round-the-clock to take your call wherever you are in Qatar. Our staff of skilled professionals is experienced in home maintenance and knows just what to do. They can complete their tasks in the manner that you specify.

Bathroom and Kitchen Maintenance Services

Maintaining the perfect shape of your house could seem a complicated task, but it’s never like that for Abu Zaid services professionals.
We provide all maintenance services for all house rooms. Wherever is the location of your house in Qatar, our work team will reach your place in a matter of minutes?

Miscellaneous House Maintenance Services

You need expert assistance from qualified and experienced specialists to maintain the appearance of your home’s exterior and interior in the finest possible condition.

Workers from Abu Zaid Contracting & Services are available to lend a helping hand and offer assistance with your home’s outside care duties, such as fixing damaged fences, landscaping, washing the home’s exterior, etc.

In addition to all other activities necessary to keep your garage in top condition, we may take care of your garage requirements by clearing out any unnecessary clutter, putting up shelves and racks, and fixing its doors and windows.

We are also responsible for fixing the appliances and furniture in your home. We will take care of your damaged television, cracked ceramic tiles, and worn chairs. If you require any home maintenance services in Qatar, contact us at any time, and our customer support will respond to your calls, address your concerns, and take your needs.

Call us today at +974 5028 3052 or email us at info@abuzaidservices.com.


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