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Garden Maintenance Services

A lovely garden needs regular maintenance. A well-maintained garden significantly impacts how much you enjoy your home and lifestyle while also enhancing the overall appearance of your property. Abu Zaid Contracting & Services, one of the top garden maintenance companies in Qatar, is available to save you both time and energy.

We have a group of outstanding experts whom you can hire regularly to keep your plants in good condition. You can also use this service on a one-time basis and request that it just handle certain activities that are pertinent to your particular needs. Depending on the scale of the job, we will arrange a team of 2 to 7 skilled, expert gardeners on the day of the service. They will have all the necessary equipment and cutting-edge tools to complete the work efficiently.

What Does Our Garden Maintenance Service Include?

Maintaining your garden is a great way to liven up your house. It is a great idea to make an outdoor space that the whole family can enjoy all year long. Our garden maintenance service includes:

Cutting grass

We can expertly cut down your hedges if they have extended onto your sidewalk or are blocking the view out of your windows.

Lawn Mowing

Using our lawnmowers, our professionals make the lawn mowing service a quick and simple operation.

Weeding of Lawns and Flowerbeds

Hand labor is used mostly for weeding and weed-killing. This aids in getting rid of the weeds and prevents them from coming back for a longer time. We also trim shrubs and small trees.

Planting and Replanting of Flowers & other Plants

Our skilled gardeners can replant flowers and other plants as per your request. The planting supplies may be supplied by you or, upon request, by us.

Why Choose Us?

Abu Zaid Contracting & Services offers you the best professional garden maintenance services in Qatar that will save you both time and money.

You need not worry about finding the time to keep your gardens weed-free and properly maintained. Our skilled team will ensure that your property has the finest possible appearance. Moreover, Abu Zaid Contracting & Services offers garden maintenance services at the lowest rates in Qatar.

Our House Maintenance Services

Abu Zaid Contracting & Services can handle all of your home maintenance needs. Our skilled professionals and home maintenance specialists can assist you with chores including fixing home furnishings and appliances, providing bathroom and kitchen maintenance services, and much more! If you require any garden maintenance services in Qatar, simply give us a call any time, and we will respond to your questions and fulfill your requests efficiently.

Feel free to call us at +974 5028 3052 or email us at

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