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Welcoming a new season is exciting and you can prepare and make your home look more attractive and clean by painting the house. A house looks dull after some time with stains, dirt and dust getting into the walls and ceilings. Hence painting the house routinely will not only make the house look more appealing but you will also feel comfortable and happy living in it. Abu Zaid Services the number one painting company in Qatar offers exceptional painting service and home maintenance Qatar. Well equipped with latest technology and equipments our workforce are experts in rendering quality painting service on time. Our efficiency has turned us into the best painting contractors in Qatar.

Decorative painting is one of the most effective ways to make your home feel like an amazing place to reside in. Below given are some decorative painting tips:

Find the right decorative paint

There are many options of colour schemes to choose from. It is important to find the right colour with which you are satisfied. Colours for indoor walls can be selected according to the furniture and décor. Colour combination which suits the interior is more aesthetically pleasing. You have to then decide where the focus of the room should be. If you are planning to have the walls of room focused then bright and bold colours are the best option If even distribution of focus is your aim then neutral and light colours would be the apt choice You can completely trust Abu Zaid Service, painting contractors in Qatar for picking the right colour scheme which is ideal for your home.

Steps in painting

Painting is not an easy task, there are certain steps to be followed for obtaining the perfect effect. Proficient and experienced painters paint the wall only after painting the ceiling and before painting the ceiling the trims are painted. While painting the trims even if the paint is spread to the walls you can easily correct it while painting the walls. Also you need not tape everything together when the painting is done in step by step manner. Abu Zaid Services the best painting company in Qatar have professional painters who will do the painting perfectly.

Painting techniques

In order to make your home look beautiful and distinctive you can select different painting techniques. Metallic paint is a unique option which can be chosen to give an excellent appeal to homes. You can choose either to paint the full room in metallic paint or go for metallic accents. Metallic painting can be done in diverse ways. Rag rolling is another technique which can be incorporated into painting to give a different texture to the walls and to add an effect of depth in the room. It is done by rolling rag over a painted wet wall. Stripe painting technique makes the wall look like linen with its vertical style or horizontal style of painting. It make the room look charming.

There are many more painting techniques like spray painting which are stunning other than the mentioned ones. Hence to make your home captivating go through the different techniques and choose the best one suitable for your home. You can also mix different styles for different walls. If you search for the finest painting company in Qatar or for spray painting services near me, you will find Abu Zaid Services ranked at the top. Being the leading service provider of home maintenance Qatar we have adequate knowledge about the different painting techniques.

Cleaning before painting

One of the important things which have to be done before starting painting work is to clean the walls and ceilings. The old walls have to be cleaned by removing the patches of old paint which have come off and also the dirt and dust have to wiped or washed off deeply using the appropriate cleaning materials. Proper cleaning ensures that the new coat which you are going to apply will last long and does not peel off.

Mixing paints from different cans

No two cans have the same paint colour. So when you want a particular shade in more quantity then the paints with similar shades can be mixed together to create an even tone of colour while painting.

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