Cleaning Methods That Will Keep Your Tiles Clean

Always a clean and welcoming house is everybody’s dream. It comes with clean floors, clean doors, dust-free windows, shiny appliances and many more. but the most striking art of a house is when its floor tiles are clean and sparkling. Abu Zaid services are the best cleaning services in Doha that prioritize every part and hence are specifically tiles maintenance contractors in Doha. We are expertized to provide quality home maintenance in Doha and also the best tiles maintenance contractors. So here we are to help you fix your clean, whenever you spilled something on them.

How to clean your floor tiles?

Here we discuss how to clean your tile floors, how to clean tile grout, which cleaning products and tools to use and how often your floors need to be cleaned.

Even though cleaning the tiles are considerable simple with a proper strategy, different types of tiles demand different care. Some of the low maintenance requiring tiles are ceramic, and porcelain while coarse tiles such as slate, marble, granite, or limestone require specific cleaners and individual care.

How do you clean ceramic and porcelain tile floors?

They are durable tiles, and with some simple steps that follow, can help your ceramic and porcelain tiles shine easily.

Clean up the loose debris

Regular vacuuming of your floors can get them rid of dirt and keep them from getting dull with time. Sweeping the ceramic or porcelain tiles regularly can also get the job done as they attract sand and grit which will dull their surfaces.

The right floors mop does matter

Identify the right mop that would not damage your tiles and clean them with mild detergent and clean water. The right mop to clean ceramic and porcelain tile floors does not push the dirty water into the grout lines and makes them harder to be cleaned. Changing the dirty waters at the right intervals is also important.

Identify the stains on your floors

The cause of the stains will help you get the right solution. So, first, determine the stain and then use the suitable tile cleaner to get rid of the stain. The best tile maintenance contractors in Doha own different types of cleaners, that will take of each tile individually.

Clean up the soap residue

You have to ensure to remove the soap residue with a non-abrasive all-purpose cleaner as a longer presence of soap on your ceramic or porcelain tiles can cause discolouration.

Dry the tiles

Air-drying your cleaned tiles is an important part. A clean, lint-free cloth can be used to dry the floors immediately after washing.

How to clean stone tile floors
Slate tiles

Mild detergents which do not contain acidic properties are ideal to be used on slate tiles. You must ensure to avoid water spots on your slate tiles by drying them with a soft towel immediately after washing it

Marble tiles

It is a high-maintenance floor tile, which should be taken care of. You should not use an acidic cleaner on it and also make sure not to use a brush with tough bristles or scouring powders as it can cause scratches.

Granite tile

A pH-neutral cleaner should be used to clean granite floor tiles. You can buff your polished granite floor to maintain its shine and to keep it clean.

How often should you clean your tiles?

Dry cleaning your tiles once a week will do good for your tiles. And as both dry cleaning and wet cleaning is important, mop your tiles floors once in two weeks.

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