Garden Maintenance

Garden Maintenance Services

With a beautiful garden comes the need for regular maintenance. A well-manicured garden can play a significant role in your overall home and lifestyle enjoyment and it can improve the overall look of your property at the same time.


As one of the best Garden maintenance companies in Qatar, Abu Zaid Contracting & Services is here to save you time and effort. You can book a team of fantastic professionals on a regular basis and ensure that your plants look presentable all the time. You can also benefit from this service as a one-off and have only specific tasks that suit your individual requirements, taking care of.


On the day of the service, we send a team of 2-7 experienced and skilled gardeners according to the scope of work. They will be fully equipped with machinery and advanced tools to complete the job.

What Does Our Garden Maintenance Service Include?

Garden Maintenance is a perfect way to bring your home to life. It is an excellent way to create an outdoor space that can be enjoyed by the entire family all year round. Our garden maintenance service includes:

Why Choose Us?

Abu Zaid Contracting & Services provides professional gardening services that save you both time and money. You don’t have to worry about finding the time to keep your gardens free of weeds or manicured the way they should be. Let our trained professionals take on garden maintenance in Qatar; including weeding, cultivating, and edging your flowerbeds to make sure your property looks its best. Abu Zaid Contracting & Services also offers the most competitive garden maintenance prices in Qatar. As a result, your properly maintained garden and plants will be healthier and you will enjoy more colorful blooms all year long. For outstanding garden maintenance in Qatar contact us.

Our House Maintenance Services

Abu Zaid Contracting & Services is also available to clear all house maintenance tasks off your mind. Our team of expert professional workers and house maintenance specialists can help you in tasks like repairing house furniture and appliances, bathroom and kitchen maintenance services, as well as outdoor, garage, and more! Just contact us anytime if you need any maintenance services in Qatar and we will answer your inquiries and get your demands.

Whether your hedges have grown too far onto your pavement or are obscuring your windows’ view, we can beautifully trim them down.

Our reliable professionals bring their own lawnmowers, making the lawn mowing service a quick and easy process

Most of the weeding and weed killing is done by hand. This helps eliminate the weeds and prevents them from growing back for a longer period of time.

Our skilled professionals can cut excess greenery off of trees and bushes reaching.

Our gardeners can professionally take care of planting and replanting of flowers and all greenery. The planting materials can either be provided by you or by us upon request.

Hedge Cutting

Lawn Mowing

Weeding of Lawns and Flowerbeds

Trimming of Small Trees and Bushes

Planting and Replanting of Flowers & other Greenery